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Aircon Servicing Singapore

Reliable Aircon Service & Repair Specialist in Singapore

The proven convenient way to service your Aircon in Singapore is to engage a reliable, experienced and trustworthy aircon servicing company with the right competency and well trained experts to deal with all air-conditioning problems and requirements, one who understand your needs and can really help you solve them in an effective and cost efficient manner.

There are ample aircon servicing companies in Singapore and many are keen to quote very cheap prices; only for you to realize that these likely come with unexpected heartaches you may have to bear. What you need to be aware of is there are a few factors that determine the quoted prices and it is important that you deal with a honest and reliable aircon service specialist company who is truly competent, professional and trustworthy.

At Aircon Servicing Singapore you can rest easy whenever you hire us. We are your reliable Singapore aircon service provider in the air conditioning services industry with years of specialized experience in aircon servicing, repair, installation and general maintenance. Our established Singapore aircon company is known to delight our customers with honest dedicated air-conditioning services, all at prices you can well afford. Our teams of highly competent professional industry experts, with many years of proven experience, are well regarded as veterans in what we do.

One-Stop Aircon Services in Singapore

Ranging from installation to servicing and then repair, we offer all types of aircon services you’ll need in an efficient air conditioner. Our professional air-conditioning services does not limit itself to residents and house owners, we maintain and fix industrial and commercial aircons while also providing regular servicing from time to time.

Ensuring that the performance of your brand of air-con is worth the price expended in acquiring it is our utmost goal, hence the need for our thorough system checkup of your aircons at your scheduled timing.

Aircon Cleaning

AC Servicing
Different types of aircon service are available. Your choice will depend on the condition of your aircons and how often they have been used. It is best to call and talk with our experts

Aircon Repairs

AC Repair
Repairs are handled by industry experts with working knowledge in aircon repair. Both indoor and outdoor repairs are available for all types of ac and brands

Aircon Installation

AC Installatiion
We install aircon everyday with quality and safety in mind. Specialist for Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp, Carrier or Sharp and many other brands

Call 6817 4378 for Aircon Servicing and Repair

Our Customer Service staffs are standing by to attend to your needs. Call and discuss with our experts for your ac servicing and repairs.

Aircon Cleaning and Chemical Washing Services

We offer all types of aircon servicing you’ll ever need. These include general aircon cleaning and chemical overhaul. Checking the small copper pipe adjoining its unit to the building, Offsetting the cover of the unit for easier access, Locate the air-conditioner coils, Using customized brushes to clean off dirt and debris, Confirm the room temperature in each room of the building to ensure stability.

Aircon General Servicing

Aircon General Servicing
General servicing is aircon check-up and evaluation; include cleaning up blocked filters areas, blowing grimes away on the cooling condenser unit  and rid any water pooling issues. It ensures your aircon works to its optimal capacity

Aircon Chemical Wash

AC Chemical Washing
One of the most reliable ways to Preventing Air-Conditioning Problems is to perform aircon chemical wash from time to time especially when it is heavily used. Chemical wash may be very essential for older units or aircons hungry for maintenance

Aircon Maintenance

AC Maintenance
All findings during maintenance cycle for the air conditioners are treated with due care. These involve keeping record of parts that are due for routine replacement and perform all the necessary maintenance services to keep the aircon systems working seamlessly

Evaluation by Our Experienced & Trustworthy Specialists

Evaluation and confirmation processes are carried out once a customer consults us. We have industry experts and specialists look into your specific situation; and understand where, why, and what the cause of the problems of your air con are.

Airconditioning Problems and Repairs

Aircon problems occur commonly on air conditioners that have been operating with little maintenance. For other possible reasons, take a look at the video.

Whenever you notice that your air con is not working properly or has breakdown suddenly, the first thing to do is to switch off the aircon system for safety reasons. Next, it’s best to notify your reliable aircon repair company as to what you have observed or the symptoms of the problems are.

Our experts will come on-site to perform aircon problem troubleshooting and fix it.

Aircon Repair & Troubleshooting Services

Once your air conditions have been fully evaluated, we proffer immediate solution to the problems and begin right there to make the necessary repair upon your approval. Some of our aircon repair services include: General Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Cleaning, Aircon Troubleshooting and Aircon Gas Top up.

Aircon Not Cold Enough

AC Not Cold
When your air conditioner is not cooling after it is switched on for some time – then chances are that it may have ran out of refrigerant due to leakage. Or it could have developed a fault and need repair

Aircon Leaking

AC Leaking Water
Is your aircon leaking for the first time? There are several reasons why air conditioners leak water. But be it as it may, clogged air filter or Low refrigerant could also be a cause

Aircon Noisy

AC Noisy
When your aircon becomes noisy, usually the compressor start making irritable noise as it aged, they could be caused by compressor motor or fan problem

Call 6817 4378 for AC Service & Installation

Our Customer Service staffs are standing by to help you fix and solve all your aircon needs. Pick up the phone and speak with our specialists now

Aircon Installation Services

Entrusting your aircon installation into the care of a professional aircon company is inexplicably beneficial. Our installation services can cover the initial ac installation, and subsequent follow-up services such as aircon problems troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance and general upkeep of your ac. Installing aircon is a daily affair for us and we delight in using time-tested proven approach to mount them, regardless of the location/position where you plan to have them.

The popular aircon brands we install in Singapore are: Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sharp, LG, Samsung, York and many others.

Brands and Types of Aircon We Specialize In

We manage and provide unmatched aircon services to all notable and reputable brands of air conditioners. Some of the top brands may include Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Sanyo, Toshiba, Samsung, York, Carrier, and many more.

Aircon Brands Singapore
Airconditioner Brands

As industry experts, when it comes to aircon services we have all requisite knowledge and experiences to manage all types and brands of air conditioners. Your household or commercial aircon type does not really matter – however, giving us the opportunity to diagnose and figure out its faults would help us proffer you with the best solutions.

Amongst many others, the top 5 types of aircons we currently maintain, repair and service on our platform includes: Multi-Split aircon, Cassette aircon, Window Air Conditioners, Packaged Air Conditioners and the Central Air Conditioning System.

Our residential and commercial customers are so glad with our unparalleled services and many clients kept renewing their aircon services with us.

Multi-Split Aircon Installation

Multi-Split Aircon Singapore
Buying multi-split airconditioners? We provide installation services for all types of multi-split air conditioning systems and the brands you like

Ceiling Type Cassette Installation

Ceiling Aircon
We are the industry experts for Ceiling Type Cassette Aircon Installation. So if you’re wondering about how to install them, no worries, only few hours

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial Aircon HVAC
Small, medium and large commercial air-conditioning maintenance projects. Our clients include both local and international companies

Affordable Prices for all your Aircon Needs

Here at Aircon Servicing Singapore we offer you unequaled services for the quality you so well deserved. We care so much about your comfort and continued business with you, hence the need for you to pay affordably for our professional reliable services. Our aircon servicing prices are well affordable: our rates and charges are reasonable to our clients.

Peace of Mind Whenever You Engage Our Services

With an established and trusted service platform, our well trained industry experts, machine and technology-driven aircon services and a flexible 24 hours round the clock availability. You’ll certainly have good course to find peace when you engage our professional aircon services.

How to Hire Us?

Aircon Servicing Singapore is dedicated towards a continued relationship and business with you always. Endeavor to give us a call on our helpline today at (+65) 6817 4378. You may also fill in the enquiry form to connect with us swiftly.

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