Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore

Aircon Chemical Wash is a thorough chemical cleaning and overhaul service which you will need in order to get rid of accumulated bacteria, hidden dirts and grimes causing blockade within several areas of its functional parts, such as the aircon cooling fins inside the indoor ac blowing units or the outdoor condensers. It is required for all types of aircon – such as the Multi Split wall-mounted type, Ceiling Cassette type, Portable or Window Air Conditioner as well as the Central Air Conditioning System.

Aircon chemical cleaning is a common practice employed to make your aircon healthy, fresh and clean again. This is a washing service that uses special types of chemical to thoroughly clean up all the critical functional parts of the air conditioners that are not easily accessible and visible to the eye during general aircon servicing.

Often after a prolonged period of usage your ac will inevitably experience a drop in efficiency and reduced airflow. It is then time to call for an aircon chemical overhaul service to effectively restore it again.

Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore

Is your residential or commercial aircon not blowing cold air or not working properly?

If you have not had a thorough maintenance done on your air conditioning system for quite sometime, the aircon chemical wash service could be a better solution to fix most of these frustrating problems often requesting for aircon repair.

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Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash

There are so many reasons why we perform chemical wash on your air-conditioners, below are some of the common ones.

  • Better Efficiency, Cooler and Free Air Flow

Aircon chemical wash will restore the efficiency of your residential, commercial or industrial air conditioner; and it is also a guarantee cleaning procedure to ensure that hidden deep dirts and dust doesn’t block the flow of air and coolant from emitting.

  • Longevity of the Aircon

If you realize your aircon system is starting to emit hot and not cool air – not to mention coldness. Or perhaps it is making some strange noise, then that could mean you haven’t wash it for quite some time. Calling your aircon servicing company to take care of the situation should be the next thing to do.

  • Keep Air Clean and Fresh

Chemical cleaning and overhaul of your aircon helps to remove deep hidden dirts and particles that gather up in the conditioning and cooling units. Not doing it can be detrimental or unsafe to our health and the well-being of our young and older folks.

Types of Aircon Chemical Wash

You will generally find 2 types of aircon chemical wash services in Singapore, namely the aircon chemical cleaning and the aircon chemical overhaul. They both differ in the scope of works and price as well; one is cheaper than the other.

  • Aircon Chemical Cleaning

The AC chemical cleaning service is when the cooling fins chemical cleaning are performed right on the spot where your fan coil is mounted (e.g: on the wall). After lifting up the plastic cover of the indoor blowing unit, special chemicals are sprayed over the exposed cooling fins to clean it.

Care has to be taken to make sure the “basin” is properly positioned to hold the flushing chemicals and water during the entire cleaning process. This method is cheaper compared to the aircon chemical overhaul service.

  • Aircon Chemical Overhaul

The AC chemical overhaul is done out of the location where the fan-coil of your aircon is mounted. That means — the aircon chemical overhaul is an off-site cleaning due to the fact that the fan coil is carefully removed from the wall and dismantled.

Chemical solutions are then applied on the fan coils units to remove bacteria and grimes. Thereafter, water flushing is done to lift off all the dirt and grimes that are hidden deep within the cooling fins. The cleaned and dried fan coils are then re-assembled and mount back to the wall.

General Process of Aircon Chemical Washing

There are several processes and steps involved in performing the Aircon Chemical Washing; as well as materials required.

Some but not all of the procedures involved in it include:

  • Disassembling the ventilating fan loop unit
  • Washing of the evaporator coils and parts
  • Cleaning of the ventilating external facade and covers (to incorporate the side, top and base of the aircon)
  • Washing of the cooling air channels with chemicals
  • Washing of the cooling blower wheel and blades with chemicals
  • Washing of cooling unit condenser coils with chemicals

When to do Aircon Chemical Wash?

The most obvious sign that tells you it is time for an aircon chemical cleaning and overhaul is when you can literally feel the air flowing out of the aircon is uneven, impeded and relatively low.

An early signal would be to go near and hear the air from the aircon fan-coil blower. If you start hearing gentle soft howling air sound, it should be due for aircon chemical wash relatively soon.

The aircon chemical overhaul service may help solve or take care of a few issues such as when there is an aircon leaking water problem, aircon is not cold, or that you are receiving a bad smell from your aircon.

You should entrust the aircon chemical cleaning to the experienced professionals to do a proper job. There are certain protocols involved in chemical wash and hence, for anyone to do it — he or she must have relevant experiences in the use of chemical for cleaning. Doing it the wrong way may cause damage that’ll later hamper the “function-ability” of your aircon.

Check the Cooling Fins after Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Using the appropriate or right type of chemical cleaning solutions is important here as the fan coil metal can be damaged if the chemical is too strong or too quick reacting when it is sprayed on. That means, visually you can see it foaming extremely quick and could over etch into the metal of the fan-coil unit in no time.

A good visual guide is to see the fan coil metal still has a clean grey effect (not patches of dull black or dark grey) after chemical cleaning overhaul is completed. An evenly spread of clean grey color of the fan-coil should be the reference factory standard.

Over cleaning will etch into the metal thereby cause it to turn dull black or dark grey which may appear in patches or spots. This could subsequently have a negative effect on the aircon cooling performance and efficacy.

Why choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Our aircon chemical wash experts has the extensive years of experience you are looking for and to keep you free from worries. Here at Aircon Servicing Singapore you will experience our aircon cleaning and chemical wash services are amongst the best in the industry.

Being a trusted name in aircon installations and the HVAC maintenance industry, we provide quality aircon services for all types of air conditioners; be it industrial, commercial or private residential aircons – we’re there whenever you need us.

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