Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore

Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore

Aircon gas top up service is a common request among many aircon owners and users in Singapore; especially when they have used their airconditioning system for a few years without refilling the gas or refrigerant. First and foremost, owners need to be educated about aircon gas and that they should last many many years without needing to refill or regas at all, unless there is a refrigerant or gas problem.

If you are experiencing aircon faults or operating issues due to aircon gas problems, it is advisable for you to have your aircon refrigerant checked by a qualified aircon servicing & repair company to determine the actual cause of the problem. There are a number of pivotal reasons why your aircon gas is running low and causing aircon faults/problems. For example your aircon is cooling very slowly and it never reaches the set/desired temperature.

Check The Aircon Gas Level

There are 2 types of refrigerant gas; namely Type R22 gas and Type R410 gas. During our site evaluation, our service experts will inspect the condenser units and check the aircon refrigerant level in the system. If the aircon gas level is within the acceptable limits of the specification, it is sufficient and no gas top is required.

If the gas level is low, there are likely to be refrigerant gas problems along the copper pipes leading to the various wall mounted fan-coil units in your premises. For this, the problem of gas leakage has to be fixed first by locating the places of the leaks and then seal up the leaking pipes. Our aircon repair specialists are equipped and can easily solved this problem promptly for you.

4 Main Reasons Why Aircon Gas Drop or Leak

There are 4 main reasons for aircon gas leakages. The usual faults found after troubleshooting are related to:-

  • Sealed pipes leaking again due to ageing
  • Visible corrosion of the refrigerant pipes caused by prolonged contact of the copper pipes with chemical residues after chemical aircon servicing
  • Potentially due to the over-charge of pressurized refrigerant circulating within the cooling systems
  • Improper piping installation practices during the initial aircon installation

When Should You Top Up The Aircon Gas?

Rarely will you ever need to have a gas top up for your aircon, unless there are gas leakages in the refrigerant system. You will need to refill the aircon refrigerant after repair is done by sealing the areas where the refrigerant pipings are leaking gas. Local welding is often the normal method use to seal or mend the parts or pipes that are leaking aircon refrigerant. Other than that, the aircon gas within the system should be sufficient to last a long time.

Why engage Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Aircon Servicing Singapore is the trusted aircon repair and servicing experts in Singapore. With many years of specialized industry experience, our aircon service are highly regarded by our customers throughout Singapore. We service a wide range of aircon brands like Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Daikin, Panansonic, ToshibaLG aircon and many others.

We have the experts to deal with all kinds of aircon problems and faults such as repairing aircon gas problems and performing gas top up. Hire us today for a fuss free experience and peace of mind.

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