Aircon Installation Singapore

Aircon Installation Singapore

Aircon installation is the service you will need together with your new aircon purchase. Whether you are moving into a HDB flat, Condominium, Apartment, Landed house, a new Office or factory; you will need an efficient air conditioning system to ease off the harshness of the warmth climatic condition.

It is important that your chosen aircon brand, model and the capacity is more than sufficient to perform its job. Depending on the type and size of your apartment, house or office, there are different approaches to aircon installation using proper planning. The main concern primarily lies on the size and capacity of your aircon with respect to the proposed property.

We supply and install all brands of airconditioners such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sharp, Samsung, Sanyo, Carrier, York, Hitachi, Midea and many more.

What is Needed in Aircon Installation?

To have your branded aircon installed professionally and with the best practices, all you need to provide us is the air-conditioning model you like, the space and a location to deliberate on. Our experienced aircon specialists & design team work with the latest and effective industrial tools and equipment. With the use of our aircon Installation guide, it will be a fuss-free experience for you.

Choosing Aircon – What Are The Considerations?

The utmost things to consider when making a choice of aircon are:

  • Capacity of the air conditioning system
  • Brand of your choice aircon
  • The type of aircon suitable for your environment
  • Where you want to install and the space available
  • Ease of aircon cleaning and maintenance

What to Check When Hiring an Aircon Installer?

It is important to have a reliable and trustworthy installation team to ensure you do not end up with heartache disappointment after the installation work. You should be informed and made known beforehand about your aircon installer; his experience, skills and in-depth knowledge about air condition installations.

Our strong team of professionals has many years of specialised experience in aircon installation. Call us at (+65) 6817 4378 and you will be delighted with our services and track record.

Types of Aircon We Install

Our experts are certified and qualified to install all types of aircon and heat pump systems at affordable prices as requirement demands. Some of the commonest types of air conditioners we install may include but not limited to:

  • Window Air Conditioner System
    If you’ve got the need for a single room aircon installation need, then the Window Air Conditioner is the best for you.
  • Split Air Conditioner System
    You’d love to install the Split Air Conditioner System in your office or apartment if you want something a-bit advanced and effective. The split system has two unit parts; one is the indoor and the other is outdoor.
  • Packaged Air Conditioner System
    We reckon that if you’d desire to cool more than two or more larger rooms; the packaged aircon unit should serve you better.
  • Central Air Conditioning System
    The Central Air Conditioning System is mostly used for cooling very large and spacious buildings. Places like hotels, offices, entire laboratory, gym lounges etc.

What Determines Quality of Your Aircon Installation

  1. Aircon ducting and piping – The type or nature of materials used
  2. The suitability of parts used
  3. The quality of professionalism knowledge
  4. Quality of Mounting plate, Stainless steel brackets, etc
  5. Location of aircon (it must be safely and professionally located)

How much does the Aircon Installation Cost?

The price of a typical aircon installation depends on several factors. They include:

  • The type of air conditioner you want to install
  • The size of air conditioner unit in question
  • The number in length of interconnecting cable and refrigeration piping
  • The amount of cable ducting required

Call for our Aircon Services today. We are trusted by many to supply and install all brands of residential and commercial aircon using the best industry practices.

We ensure that the safety of your air conditioner is kept in mind while evaluating installation techniques. We perform detailed site survey to know the right location and position of your aircons before installation in order to avert unexpected future setbacks. Tell us the brand and type of aircon you want and we’ll let you know the best location to mount it.

Routine Aircon Maintenance and Cleaning

After we complete installing your aircon, it is advisable to discuss on having a regular aircon maintenance package for your newly installed air conditioning system. This would ensure that you won’t forget about your aircon servicing due to your busy schedules. We will keep track and will come at regular intervals, for example on a quarterly basis, to have your aircon systems checked and serviced.

Here are some of the brand aircon services our customers use:

Why choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Aircon Servicing Singapore are the pioneers of aircon supply, installation and maintenance industry in Singapore. Our success so far has been fully engineered by our expertise and approach to work; and outstanding service quality.

We are well equipped with brand-wise aircon installation engineers with adept knowledge and with an eye on delivering quality aircon installation service to you.

Enquire about our Aircon Installation Service

We believe in providing you with the best installation service experience with your new air conditioning system. Get connected with us by calling our customer quick-connect hotline (+65) 6817 4378 today.

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