Aircon Repair Singapore

Aircon Repair Singapore

Aircon repair services is what you need when your home or office aircon is not working well or goes awry after turning on. Just like any household and office equipment may need repair from time to time, the same is likened to your indoor air conditioners.

Aircon repair is an all-round process of evaluation and troubleshooting your aircons, most especially faulty aircons, figuring out their problems and proffering solutions that can make them work properly again. If an air conditioner requires or is due for repair; you’d know because it will begin to malfunction in one way or the other.

While costly repairs can generally be avoided with routine aircon cleaning and maintenance of your air-conditioners; it is also known that all parts and components inevitably fail after periods of usage, no matter how good they are. When a breakdown occurs, having a competent and honest aircon repair company on-standby is important as they can help you minimize downtime and ensure that your air-conditioning systems are restored to working optimally again.

For these reasons, owners and tenants should have a regular maintenance package after the completion of their initial aircon installation. This would ensure that any budding problems can be nipped at an early stage. You will also be in the good hands of the aircon services company, which is readily contactable in times of need.

Aircon Problems that Need Repairs

Simply look out for these aircon problems or tell-tale signs: If your answer is positive to any of these questions, then you will likely need professional aircon repair services.

  • Did you notice any significant difference in the way your aircon functions?
  • Is there any unusual noise coming from the aircon compressor?
  • Is your aircon leaking water?
  • Is your aircon not cooling at all or has it diminished in cooling efficiency?
  • Did you sense your air conditioner is emitting a bad odour?
  • Has your aircon develops a sensor problem?

Troubleshooting Split Air Conditioners

Look at this video and it will give you an idea on how problem troubleshooting of split type air conditioner is done. The process is similar for any other types of aircon systems.

By observing the symptoms and testing confirmation of faulty unit or parts, a good aircon troubleshooter can narrow down to the root causes of the problems and provide effective solutions to fix them.

If you feel overwhelming and require the services of a reliable air conditioning repair company, Look no further: Simply call (+65) 6817 4378 and we’ll be glad to assist.

Common Aircon Repair Services

The 5 types of aircon repair services for their respective aircon problems encountered by owners and tenants are listed here. You would also find out some of the likely reasons why that happened.

  1. Aircon Not Cold

If you had your aircon for quite a long period of time now, chances are that you must have encountered this challenge of aircon-not-blowing-cold one time or the other. Major causes of this are either as a result of Ice which may have formed inside the unit or the thermostat sensor.

  1. Aircon Leaking Water

When you notice that your aircon is leaking profusely and sweating all around its underpart of the condenser unit, the cause is very likely to be a “refrigerant problem”. If water is dripping from the aircon fan-coil blower units, it’s probably due to a plugged water drainage pipe.

  1. Aircon Gas Leak

If the aircon gas is too low, there could be refrigerant leaking through the copper piping. These gas leaks have to be identified and sealed before performing the aircon gas top up. This could be a rather complex thing for you to handle on your own. It’s best to call our repair helpline and we’ll advise you the next steps accordingly.

  1. Aircon Compressor Noisy

Over 75% of aircon noisy compressor problems are caused by compressor motors. When your aircon starts squealing, it’s often very bizarre and it is advisable to immediately switch it off and consult your repair experts.

  1. Total Aircon Breakdown

Of course you already know what this means – loads and loads of air conditioning problems may simply arise in the event that you abandon the necessary routine maintenance of your aircon. Be it a commercial or residential air conditioning system. 

Our Brands Specific Aircon Repair Services

Users of specific aircon brands usually request for our brand specialists to troubleshoot and repair their air conditioning problems. Here are the common brand types of aircon repair services we provide:

Mitsubishi Aircon Repairs
Daikin Aircon Repairs
Panasonic Aircon Repairs
Toshiba Aircon Repairs
Fujitsu Aircon Repairs
LG Aircon Repairs
Sanyo Aircon Repairs
Sharp Aircon Repairs
Hitachi Aircon Repairs
Samsung Aircon Repairs
York Aircon Repairs
Carrier Aircon Repairs

How much does a typical Aircon Repair Service Cost?

Don’t look at it as seem too big and too much to handle; generally, aircon repair services are not expensive and would not cost you a huge sum. However, the charges may vary with respect to the problems diagnosed during troubleshooting checkup.

Why choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Aircon Servicing Singapore has teams of highly competent and efficient aircon repair specialists for all brands of aircons. We offer you unmatched quality with good affordability.

With a decade of experiences, our specialists are reliable professionals you can trust to restore your aircon back to functioning in a cost effective manner.

Enquire about our Aircon Repair Services

To find out more about our Aircon Repair Services, simply call our helpline at (+65) 6817 4378 and our friendly staffs will be pleased to assist you promptly. Do not hesitate to call if you need aircon repair on Sundays.

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