Aircon Servicing Price Singapore

The aircon servicing price can vary quite a bit for monthly servicing visits over quarterly or adhoc servicing in Singapore. The charges are dependent on the scope of works rendered during on-site servicing and also on the number of fan-coil blower units and condensers to be serviced. For instance the rates of a thorough aircon service, such as the aircon chemical wash will cost more than a general aircon cleaning.

There are a variety of aircon servicing packages which are customized for customers of commercial or residential aircons. The more often you use the aircon, the more frequent you will need to service it to keep it operating at its optimal cooling efficiency and prevent any aircon problems and failure. There could also be savings on electricity bills in the longer run when it is running efficiently.

5 Types of Aircon Servicing Packages & Pricing Rates

To cater to the wide varying usage pattern of aircon users there are generally 5 types of aircon servicing packages in Singapore. The aircon servicing rates are different for each of them.

  1. Adhoc servicing (on call basis)
  2. Half-yearly servicing (twice a year)
  3. Quarterly servicing (4 times a year)
  4. Monthly servicing (12 times a year)
  5. Fortnightly servicing (24 times a year)

Choosing the Right Aircon Servicing Promotion Package

  • For Residential Aircon Owners

Most residential home aircon users will choose between half-yearly or quarterly servicing while the less frequent users opt for the adhoc type. The unit pricing rate gets cheaper when you engage the aircon servicing company for say, 4 times a year compared to twice a year or adhoc servicing. For the older aircon installations, it will be good for owners to seek the advice of a professional air conditioning experts.

  • For Commercial Aircon Owners

Commercial aircon owners can opt for fortnightly or at least monthly servicing because these air-conditioning systems are more complex and they run for more than 10 hours every day. Any aircon problems discovered during the course of maintenance servicing can be nipped at the bud before they turn into aircon failure and downtime for businesses.

Now the total cost of your aircon servicing per year can be lowered when you choose a suitable package according to your needs and usage. Ensuring that it is serviced at the appropriate intervals, not only save you money, it can also minimize expensive aircon repairs.

At Aircon Servicing Singapore, we guide you to decide which aircon servicing package is most suitable for you based on your needs and the benefits you are looking at, while keeping our aircon servicing price very affordable.

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Why Hire Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Our aircon servicing charges are highly affordable. Maintaining your air conditioners at regular intervals can be your best approach to minimize any downtime due to aircon problems and failure.

Above all we care and are trusted by our customers over the years. Our air-conditioning company experts are well-trained to help keep your residential or commercial aircon working well especially during the special occasions.

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