Portable Aircon Maintenance Service

Portable Aircon Repair Service Singapore

Portable aircon maintenance service is required when your portable air conditioner breaks down and refuses to work during daily usage. While it provide us with the much needed comfort to ease the effects of the current weather and climatic condition, your portable aircon definitely need regular maintenance care and servicing to work optimally and not give problems all the time.

The 5 popular brands maintenance services that most customers use are:

  • EuropAce portable ac maintenance
  • Trends portable ac maintenance
  • Akira portable aircon maintenance
  • Midea portable aircon maintenance
  • Samsung portable aircon maintenance

Portable Air Conditioners

Having a portable air conditioner is desirable as it can be used both at home and in the offices. There are so many reasons why portable aircons are embraced nowadays in Singapore. The weather condition being the first reason, and secondly it’s true you want something relatively smallish to optimize for space in your offices and living rooms.

Here are some notable reasons many customers prefer portable aircon.

  • It is relatively handy and easy to be moved about
  • It helps manage space and can optimize living room or office space
  • All portable aircon are very speedy in functionality and delivers at peak
  • It is best fit for small offices and living rooms with not-enough space

Portable Aircon Repair & Troubleshooting

A better way of preventing breakdowns is to do regular cleaning and servicing on your portable airconditioners. While most of us do, sometimes it does stop working due to problems and faults associated with parts failure, refrigerant gas leaking,… and your portable aircon repair specialist can take care of the troubleshooting and repair for you.

Call our ac experts to troubleshoot, repair and restore your portable air-conditioners to working condition again.

Portable Aircon Servicing & Maintenance

Some basic maintenance you can do for the portable ac includes:

  1. Cleaning the filters regularly to ensure fresh air can flow smoothly into the fan-coils and remove surface dirt and dust.
  2. Ensure the exhaust hose is not blocked or bent. This allows the exhaust air to flow freely.
  3. Keep the exterior clean with a soft damped cloth.

You will need to have a complete professional aircon servicing if your portable aircon has been used for quite a while or the cooling efficiency has dropped somehow. Usually a good chemical cleaning and washing of the fan-coils is able to restore it to optimal condition.

Call a professional aircon servicing company to perform it as these involve a special process of getting rid of the deep dirt and bacteria built-up inside the fan-coils using environmentally friendly chemical solutions.

Why Choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Aircon Servicing Singapore has over the years gained the trust and loyalty of our customers in providing reliable portable aircon repair service and troubleshooting.

Our service experts are very experienced with the popular brands of portable aircon in Singapore and will help you fix all types of aircon problems in your home and offices.

How to Enquire and Hire Us?

Just call our aircon servicing helpline at (+65) 6817 4378. Our customer care experts are standing-by to assist you on your portable aircon needs.

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