Aircon Leaking Singapore

Aircon Leaking Singapore

Aircon Leaking or leakage of water is when your air conditioner is dripping water profusely from either dimension. Aircon water leaking is often so annoying just as the compressor noises and shake, and guess what; it is a very common problem with all aircons brands.

In simple description whenever your aircon begins to leak water without any known cause, then this is what we refer to as “Aircon Leaking”. Mostly at times – your aircon may still function well while this happens, switch it off to prevent further water leaks which may damage your furnishings in your offices or homes.

Just give our aircon leaking repair experts a call and we’ll be there to troubleshoot and provide you an effective solution to your leaking problems.

Common Causes of Aircon Leaking

There are several places you may notice water leaking from your air conditioning system such as from under the aircon condenser, iced evaporator coils or the drain pipe. Mostly, these leakages will occur as dripping water, evaporation or droplets of water onto the floor.

All aircon leakages are not caused by one single problem. Here are the usual causes of aircon leaking and why you may have to watch out for them.

● Incorrect AC Installation
Improper aircon installation can lead to aircon water leaking. The air conditioning wall-mounted unit should be installed in such that the far rear end is slightly lower than the facade end. This would allow the condensate water to flow towards the location of the drain pipe.

● Lower Outside Temperature
Just when the rainy season comes that the outside temperature lowers, then less water evaporates than it usually does. This can result into excess water buildup inside the unit which leaks from your air conditioner.

● Blocked Drainage
Choked drainage is the most common causes of Aircon Leaking. Sometimes the drain pipe holes at the extreme end of the aircon gets blocked as a result of excess dirt and dust accumulated there. When that happens; then there is a blockade which further prevents the moisture from escaping from the rear. This results in water leaking either from the front of the aircon or the sides.

The dirt in the drain pipes are cleared during the aircon cleaning process, hence it is important to ensure your aircon servicing is done on a regular basis.

● Broken AC Condenser Pump
If the condenser pump inside your aircon is broken, then it certainly would result in water leakage from the unit. For this, alert your aircon repair specialist to assess the damage and have it fix.

If you do experience aircon leaking at home or in the office environment, the best solution is to switch off the aircon and immediately contact your aircon repair services company. We have the required expertise for the job and are sure of effective solutions with our experts on site.

Why choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Aircon Servicing Singapore is the professional aircon repair, installation and maintenance company with many years of industry aircon experience. Trusted by many throughout Singapore, you have peace of mind when we are handling your aircon leaking problems.

Flanked by our teams of specialist technicians and experts, we are reliable professionals you can trust to restore your aircon back to normal again.

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